Day 20

This is Day 20 of my self imposed shelter in place. Bay County has 7 cases of the virus, the latest a sailor at the Naval Station, just a few miles away. Florida has 5489 cases and 79 deaths. Still no state wide shelter in place order from the governor, though he did order one for some So Florida counties. Since there is not universal testing, the guesstimate is that the actual number of cases is 9 to 10 times greater, so do the math.

Then there was the country singer, songwriter, Joe Diffie, who was in Panama City Beach on March 17-19, which was two days before he was diagnosed with the virus, eating at a restaurant just down the street and also hobnobbing with many of the county’s movers and shakers. Unfortunately he died on March 29, from complications of the virus.

I’m debating what to do about groceries this week. Do I order groceries online and have them delivered? But the delivery people for Instacart are having a strike, are they on strike here in Bay County? Or do I venture out tomorrow morning to Publix for their senior hours seven to eight a.m? I’m not sure.

No matter what today is going to be a low energy day as I woke up at 2:30 AM with sinus issues because of the change in weather.

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