Taking a Week Off

I took last week off after teaching the last class of “Painting on Enamel.” It took me a few days to unload all my supplies and get them back in their proper homes. This session of Education Encore was my last one teaching jewelry making there. I started out teaching stringing beads in a one hour class, moved on to mixed media jewelry in an all day class, then metalsmithing and finally enameling, which has been the most popular. I have lost track oh how many years I was teaching there, but probably at least 15. But I will be teaching one day classes every once in awhile at local venues in the future. Teaching is rewarding and it makes me learn new techniques, which is good for my brain.


Before I started teaching, jewelry making was a little hobby and I spent most on my creative energy on fiber arts. I especially liked to do surface design on fabric. I also liked making marks on fabric with thread and beads. I have an urge now to get back to working with fabric, so I joined Anne Brooks’ #stitchinghour2022, where she gives us prompts each month with a tutorial. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to work on it in January and most of February, but last week I was able to catch up just in time for the March prompt which will happen today.


I have a stash of unfinished fabric beads that I made back in the day, and while watching YouTube I saw many art journalists were making Boho Beads, and their base was very similar to my unfinished fabric beads, so one day I made these and can’t wait to make more.

Slow Stitching

I am really enamored with slow stitching these days and one of my projects is making this into a needle case. One thing I like about slow stitching is you do not have to be perfect, another thing I like is putting fabrics next to each other and see if they like each other, and lastly I like it because it is very meditative. I have had the fabric with the native people in my stash and I never could part with it whenever I did my two big destashing events. My DNA show I have a small amount of indigenous DNA in my otherwise European ancestry and maybe this is why this piece speaks to me.

Everyday Objects

And lastly I am concentrating on being more aware of the everyday objects around me, their texture and lines. I am taking picture, making line drawings and hoping to incorporate them into my stitching and enameling.

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