Education Encore Week 5

We focused on Mason Stains again last Fridays as the medium for our painting. First we made ink out of the black. Thanks to Graciela for making the oil and sharing with us. From my little experience of using various oils, the Gillie Oil seems to flow the best. After transferring our image to the enameled piece we went over it with the ink we had made. It takes a little practice in getting the proper amount of oil to powder, but once perfected the inks flows so nice with the use of the pen. Teresa had a glass pen she got at the Dollar Tree, which worked well, and a few people tried using it.

After firing we mixed the Mason Stains with a combination of KlyrFire, water and surfactant to make our paint. We debated about putting flux on before firing with the ink and the Mason Stains paint or at the end. Some tried it both ways, but I preferred washing in between to get off the excise Mason Stain, as not all of it is captured when firing.

Everyone likes the depth of color of the Mason Stains. It is like using artist grade paint instead of student grade. One thing I read this week is that there are some colors in the Mason Stain lineup that do not work well with enamels. Most of us ordered ours from Enamel Warehouse and those are good, just be wary of that if you order from a clay supplier.

Friday is the last day of this session of Encore. We will be painting with fire instead of a brush. We will be working with Liquid Enamels 533 and BC-303L. The only prep needed this week is to counter enamel what you want to work on. Ken Bova, Anne Havel and Debora Mauser have mastered this technique. So check out their work

I am looking forward to the display of the students’ work on Friday as is the custom each session. They display their work on tables in the lobby and after lunch I have each student talk about their work. I can’t wait. I see bits and pieces of their work during each class, but it is so awesome to see it all displayed.

I have an idea of making a “Gallery Wall” of my work from the beginning to the end and take photos. So when I am thinking I am making no progress, I can see the progress and development of my work, especially in regard to painting on enamel. I reworked a piece last week that was one of my earliest wet packings. I had never liked it. So I went over the colors with Mason Stains and what a difference that made. I don’t think it will be a jewelry piece, but maybe an embellishment for a book cover. But now I like it.

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