Education Encore:Week 4

I can’t believe that last Friday was week 4, time is just going by so quickly.

The use of Mason Stains as a painting and drawing medium on enamels was the focus of week 4. I first came across this use in a YouTube episode by Chris Cravens. I then came across an Instagram post about someone taking Martha Banyans‘ online classes on painting with Mason Stains at Merry-LeeRae’s Classroom. While these classes cost, there is a free class on making a perfect enameling surface, which I would urge everyone to view. I’ve taken her two classes more for the techniques than the projects, and I found this product to be my new favorite painting technique. Unfortunately I have not found any more information about its use, so the class and I are experimenting as we go.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

A recent Instagram post I read, (I am sorry I cannot remember who posted it), stated how excited he was by one of his painted images on enamel. He went on to say that painting on enamel can go one of two ways, either really fantastic or a real disaster. And I have to agree with him, but we keep at it to get that feeling when it does turn out great.

The class wants to give Mason Stains another try so we are going to do it again this Friday. As you only need a smidgen of the product, because of its intensity, it is hard to find a source that sells small quantities. When I first searched the only one on line that I could find was is Enamel Warehouse, who sell three different sample sets ranging in price from $22.50 to $45. Today I searched and found a couple of others. One is US Pigment Corporation which sell a sample pack of 1 teaspoon each of 28 colors for $56 and $11 shipping. To me that sounds like a good deal. Another is Jewelry With Gems, which sells a Complete Kit, which includes 10-1 teaspoon samples of Mason Stains, 1/2 ounce of pen oil, a pen holder with nibs, some Saral Paper and 2-3×3 steel plates. They also sell the pen holder and nibs separately and the oils that Martha Banyan recommends.

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