Week 3: Education Encore Enameling

I am thankful that my students have known me for a long time, as last Friday I was recovering from a fall, where my arms saved me from falling flat on my face, and were they sore. Thus I was not performing at my best. Luckily I have recovered and from all my aches and pains.

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

On Friday the medium we used to paint on enamel was acrylic enamel paints. They came from Enamel Warehouse and are manufactured by Thompson Enamels. The set has nine colors: Antimony White, Titanium White, Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Brown, Yellow. One thing I like about these paints is that it is easy and fun to mix the colors. Here are some great sites about mixing paint colors:

One thing I do not like about the paints is that the polymer resin separates from the pigment, much like what happens with watercolors. But there is an easy solution: just empty the tube into a palette, or if the tube is dried out, cut it open and empty it that way.

Next week we are going to be working with Mason Stains, which are powdered pigments made of a  combinations of oxides and frits, which provides a uniformity of color when fired. Plus they come in a wide array of colors. This medium has become my new favorite, so I am looking forward to sharing the little I know with the class.

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