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Gulf Coast State College’ Education Encore program started yesterday and I am privileged to be teaching an all day “Painting and Drawing on Enamel” class. So for the next five Fridays I will be enjoying the company of these creative ladies. Everyone in the class has taken classes from me in at the past and have become some of my dearest friends. Because of the pandemic, enrollment in the class has been limited, which to tell the truth I like. But I do miss those that couldn’t take the class because of the limited enrollment.

When I first started this blog, I had wanted it to be an adjunct to what I was teaching and use it as an opportunity to expand on a subject if I wanted to. During lock down I made this site a diary of my life in these unprecedented times. And then after my house flooded during Hurricane Sally, posting here fell to the bottom of my ToDo list. But now, I am going to attempt to do what I had originally hoped for this site, and expand on my teaching.

Spring 2022 Education Encore Enameling Class

Friday we worked with Sunshine Enamels, which you can purchase on line at the following sites.

  • E-namels.com
  • Cooltools.us

Cooltools has some great videos that feature Jan Harrell and others demonstrating the uses of Sunshine Enamels. One of these videos got me started on this journey of painting on enamel. I wanted to learn more, so I purchased the e-book, entitled The Practice of Painting on Enamel by Gillie Hoyte Bryon, who paints amazing miniature portraits on enamel. I noticed that there is a second edition out now. The book is super detailed and chock full of information. I should probably revisit it because I couldn’t take all of it in the first time I read it.

We experimented with what to mix the Sunshine Enamels and what consistency to make the paint. When I want a thin application of paint, such as in filling in a space with color, I like to use Paraffin Oil and Lavender Essential Oil, with a 3-1 ration. And when I like a thicker application, such as in outlining, I like to use Squeggy Oil and Lavender Essential Oils, with 5 -3 ration. But I am a little loose with the ratios, as I go by the consistency and if it is right for what I am working on.

Our first impulse is to put on one thick layer of paint when filling in space, instead of applying thin layers and firing in-between. One trick to get past this is to use a really thin brush, where you can’t put too much paint on anyway I like the brushes Pearly Karpel carries.

I am going to have to refresh myself on WordPress before I post again, as I have forgotten a lot since it has been over a year since I last posted.

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