Hurricane Zeta

Day 227 of Safer-at-Home here in Panama City Beach, Florida. Today’s statistics from Florida’s Community Coronavirus Dashboard for Bay County are 6,941 cases and 140 deaths, and for Florida are 866,867 cases and 16,854 deaths. Bay District Schools report 2 new cases today for a total of 111. There are currently 438 individuals in quarantine.

Photo by Monique Carrati on Unsplash

Last night ended up being real windy due to the aftermaths of Hurricane Zeta. And to top things off we had two power outages. One was about 2 am, which must have been short lived. And the other happened around five am. I was lying in bed, and when I looked up the ceiling fan was going slower and slower. At first I thought there was something wrong with the fan, then I realized the electricity was off. The outage lasted till almost 8 am. I was able to stream my news show on my phone, but I had no way to make my hot tea, as my camping stove was packed up in the POD. So I drank my de-caffeinated iced tea. Breakfast was a challenge. I had a banana, gluten free crackers and cream cheese.

Photo by Courtney Nuss on Unsplash

Once the power came back on I took a shower, made some hot tea and headed out to Nancy’s. Usually Nancy, Theresa and I get together every Thursday, but this week, Theresa had some personal business to take care of. So Nancy and I chatted and worked on out knitting and crochet projects.

Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash

Afterwards I went home to make lunch and then drove to my doctor’s office, which is across the bridge in Lynn Haven. I give myself 45 minutes to get there but it is probably a 25-30 minute drive during mid day traffic. Then it was off to Publix to pick up some fruits and vegetables. On the way home, I stopped at my workshop to get my supplies for class tomorrow.

Stay safe, Stay Healthy and Wear a Mask

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