What a Week

Day 196 of Safer-at-Home here in Panama City Beach, Florida. Today’s statistics from Florida’s Community Coronavirus Dashboard for Bay County are 6,063 cases and 109 deaths and for Florida are 764,712 cases and 14,207 deaths. Bay District Schools have reported 54 cases to date and has quarantined 495 students/ staff and there are currently 205 in quarantine.

Photo by Handiwork NYC on Unsplash

My life has been a little chaotic due to Hurricane Sally. Last week, the restoration company arrived, and threw all my furniture to the curb, packed up my possessions into a POD, and took 2 feet of drywall out of every wall in my house and also took out my my kitchen cabinets. While they were packing up, I was gathering some personal items, and moved into my daughter’s rental unit that she just finished repairing from Hurricane Michael damage. The restoration company came Monday, and I was out by Wednesday morning. Now there are a multitude of fans in my house drying it out.

And then on Thursday, I packed up my tools and supplies so that I could teach my enameling class on Friday. I then went to Nancy’s house to get the kits together. Normally I take everything to the college the day before and store it there, but that didn’t happen. So I emailed my students to see if some of them could arrive early on Friday and help me set up, and a few answered the call, thankfully. Of course I forgot a few things and we had to improvise. But in all, it was a great day.

I have to say, it was a hectic move, as I just put everything in plies in my new abode. Plus my daughter’s unit is furnished, but she had not put the bed together, she assembled it with my assistance. So at least I had a place to sleep . Over the weekend, I slowly started creating some order. And Moonie, my cat, is slowly adjusting, as she was very stressed by the move.

Somewhere along the way I got my car stuck in the sand. I called AAA this morning, and a tow truck came about an hour later and pulled me out. A little later, I wanted to go to Target and get a few things, and my car would not get into gear. I googled the problem, and couldn’t find a solution, I called the service department, but could only leave a message, I tried to contact an on-line mechanic, and then I realized I probably picked up a dead fob. I took it, plus another one out to the car, and the other one started my car. So it was operator error.

I still don’t have internet, and am using my phone’s hot spot, and pictures are taking very long. So I am going to post without them.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, and Wear a Mask.

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