Day 135 of Safer-at-Home here in Panama City Beach, Florida. Today’s statistics for COVID-19 from Florida’s Community Coronavirus Dashboard for Bay County are 3,292 cases and 23 deaths, and for Florida are 473,074 cases and 6,457 deaths. Locally there was one reported death: a 65-year-old woman. There are 85 currently in local hospitals for the virus. And the positivity rate keeps going up. It was 22.2% yesterday. No end seems in sight.

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

We are in the cone for a new storm that is brewing in the Leeward Islands. It is expected to become Tropical Storm Isaias. It is that time of the year. My husband was always the weather watcher. And he would keep me updated. Now I have to make an effort to keep my eye on new storms.

Photo by MK

But it already fills like tropical storm weather. It rained off and on all night. And today is humid and cloudy. The rain did provide me with some nice photos though.

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

This morning I made a dash for Publix to pick up a prescription and get some bottles of water. I cannot stand the taste of the tap water here. So I get bottled water from Culligan. My last delivery was suppose to be July 3, and because of the holiday I didn’t get my usual two bottles. Since I had two bottles left I thought I could make until this Friday, which will be my next delivery date. But I ran out yesterday. I really do not like to buy bottled water from the grocery store because of the plastic and the damage it does to the environment, especially in the ocean. I justify Culligan because they are reusing the bottles.

Photo by Igor Lepilin on Unsplash

The rest of the day was spent in my workshop. I made five enamel pieces as possible samples for my fall class. But I am only happy with two of them. I might have been more successful if I had used the kiln, but it is just too hot to fire it up. So I relied on the torch.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The workmen have been coming by each day to work on the back bedroom. They are repairing the ceiling and they mud some and let it dry, and then do the same the next day. And the bank wants more paper work on the company replacing my windows. They are never happy.

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

I started watching The Twelve on Netflix the other night and I am hooked. This Dutch show takes us into the lives of a jury and the drama they are experiencing as they have to decide on the fate of the accused. And it seems that each show ends with a jaw dropping scene. I watch with subtitles, as I like to hear the actors in their own language. But it means I have to actually watch the show and not multi-task.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Wear a Mask.

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