Monday, Monday

Day 121 of Safer-at-Home here in Panama City Beach, Florida. Today’s statistics from Florida’s community Coronavirus Dashboard for Bay County are 1,339 cases and 11 deaths, and for Florida are 295,312 cases and 4,381 deaths. I have stopped publishing DOH’s statistics because they do not count out of state visitor’s deaths at the county level, and I think each death needs to be counted. It is hard to watch what is going on here in Florida as cases just keep spirally upwards and the leaders do virtually nothing.

Photo by Seven Shooter on Unsplash

I spent another quiet weekend at home. I read some, and watched a little TV. But, mainly I prepared for my class today.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

I am enjoying the smallness of the class. Everyone wears a mask, which was a requirement on my part. Today they made tab settings for the enameled pieces they made at home. But first they practiced sawing. Some had never used a jeweler’s saw before, and some had very little confidence in their sawing ability. They all did a fabulous job.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Wear a Mask

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