Gorgeous Morning

Day 112 of Safer-at-Home here in Panama City Beach, Florida. Today’s Department of Health’s (DOH) statistics for COVID-19 for Bay County are 625 cases and 5 deaths, and for Florida are 178,984 cases and 3,785 deaths. The statistics from Florida’s Community Coronavirus Dashboard for Bay County are 641 cases and 7 deaths, and for Florida are 168,044 cases and 3,785 deaths. The Health department in Bay County has changed the way they are counting cases and now include results of antigen testing.

View of the sunrise by Mary K

This morning’s walk was a real pleasure. The sky was clear after the rain we have been having. The humidity wasn’t bad and there was a wind out of the west. I pretty much see the same people walking every morning and everyone makes an effort to social distance and greet me. And I do the same.

Photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

I spent the morning cooking. First I put a rub on the spare ribs, which I will cook tomorrow. Next, I made a tomato, corn, red onion, radish and celery salad, with a lemon and olive oil dressing. The recipe for the dressing called for lime juice. I didn’t have fresh limes or lemons, But I had squeezed and froze some lemon juice earlier in the year when my friend’s tree was ripe with fruit. Then I made potato salad with homemade mayonnaise. When I was on the Whole30 diet last Fall, I had bought an immersion hand blender to use when I was making mayonnaise, but never used it because I found a mayo without sugar at Publix. Since I am limiting my visits to the grocery store and I needed mayonnaise, I decided to make my own. The immersion blender made it so easy. I had perfect mayonnaise in less than a minute. And so yummy. I may never go back to store bought.

Photo by Ilze Lucero on Unsplash

After lunch I went out to my workshop to work on the kits for my class on Monday. I cut copper sheet metal into 3″x6″ pieces and punched out some 1.25″ circles from the copper. I also cut some wallpaper from a sample book to wrap around the copper. And I gathered a few more things to put in the bags. Tomorrow I will pack up my supplies.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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