Rainy Morning

Day 110 of Safer-at-Home here in Panama City Beach, Florida. Today’s Department of Health’s (DOH) statistics for COVID-19 for Bay County are 408 cases and 5 deaths, and for Florida are 158,997 cases and 3,650 deaths. The statistics from Florida’s Community Coronavirus Dashboard (FCCD) for Bay County are 424 cases and 7 deaths, and for Florida are 169,447 cases and 3,650 deaths. I saw on Facebook that the most recent death in Bay County was a 48 years old male. According to the FCCD site there are no ICU beds available in Bay County, if true that is not good. The governor or the county needs to initiate a mandatory wear a mask.

Photo by Olivier Lance on Unsplash

I got in my walk early, as I left my house around 6 am. It was 80 degrees and humid but there was a nice Gulf breeze that help keep from getting too hot. I am glad I got out early as there was a thunder storm most of the rest of the morning. We needed the rain so the plants are happy.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

I didn’t make it out to my workshop today, instead I got the rest of my handouts completed for the class I am teaching at GCSC Monday. Tomorrow I will work on the kits and begin packing up my supplies.

Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

I also worked on my genealogy. Every time I come across an obituary, I use it to fill any gaps that I might have about that person or family. I came across two obits on the McGraw side today and was able to add some info regarding these people and their families. One was for a distant cousin who was blind, went to college, and became a teacher at a blind school. I also found a newspaper article about her birth where she was premature and only weighed two pounds. I love finding out these personal things, because it makes the people real, instead of just someone who lived and died.

Photo by Ronise daluz on Unsplash

For lunch, I roasted some sweet potatoes in my air fryer, grilled a chicken breast and sautéed some green onions and zucchini. Plus I scooped out some of my homemade chipotle mayonnaise to dip the roasted sweet potatoes in.

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

During lunch I watched another episode of Padma Lakshmi’s “Taste of the Nation.” This one was about Persian food. One of the recurring themes in this show is the prejudice against immigrants, especially during times of crisis. Right now Chinese-Americans are the victims of hate because of COVID-19. I just don’t understand it. Why is it these American’s fault for this virus? And then there are the viral videos of “Karens” calling the police on African-Americans for being black. What is wrong with these people?

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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