Another Monday

Day 95 of Safer-at-Home here in Panama City Beach, Florida. The Florida Department of Health’s(DOH) statistics for COVID-19 in Bay County are 153 confirmed cases and 4 deaths, and in Florida are 77,326 cases and 2,938 deaths. I am going to start listing Rebekah Jones’s statistics. She was the creator of the dashboard project for Florida and was fired after she questioned the numbers that Florida was using. In her totals she includes those people that have tested positive for the antibody test. In addition she includes non-resident’s deaths, which DOH does not. Plus she also shows report cards on where each county stands on reopening. Bay County has an F. Her statistics for Bay County are 166 cases and 5 deaths, and for Florida are 85,478 cases and 3,030 deaths.

Friday night I only got a few hours of sleep, so it was pretty much a couch potato day on Saturday, though I did cook a whole chicken in the Instant Pot. Sunday, I made bone broth and from the broth made chicken tortilla soup. Also made another batch of cucumber and tomato salad. My daughter Mary brought over more tomatoes today so will probably make another batch or maybe some salsa.

Photo by Meg Landrito on Unsplash

I been working in the yard in the morning. By working I mainly mean weed eating the weeds. I can last about an hour doing it so it takes a while to finish the whole yard. I did notice that my neighbor did the ditch for me which I am thankful.

Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash

I had someone in to look at the Hurricane damage to the sliding glass door frame, window and ceiling in the sewing room . He thinks he can start work in about two weeks. So that will be good. Next will be the office, then insulation and lastly the masonry work.

Photo by Lisa Risager on Unsplash

My main task today was to work on the Power Point presentation for Bay County Genealogical Society(BCGS) for our Zoom meeting on Saturday. It is almost done. I just hope it is not too long. I also proof read the BCGS newsletter for Caroline Windham, the editor.

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

And lastly I think I will teach the metalsmithing class in July for Gulf Coast State College’s Community Education that I have changed the dates twice. Nine people have registered and I figure we can maintain social distancing with that number. In addition I will require them to wear masks. I am not sure about teaching at the Bead Gallery yet. I may have to limit it to only two students, as the classroom is very small.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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