Surprise Graduation Party

Day 67 of Sheltering-in-Place here in Panama City Beach, Florida. This morning’s statistics for COVID-19 in Bay County are 85 confirmed cases and 3 deaths and for Florida are 46,442 cases and 1,997 deaths.

Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash

Yesterday, my daughter, Carolyn, hosted a surprise Zoom graduation party for my granddaughter, Hunter. Her high school graduation ceremony was suppose to be last Friday, but now has been postponed till August 5. This really cheered her up, as she had been especially bummed by not being able to participate in the ceremony. Quite a few people attended, including my siblings and their spouses and some of my friends. Some had even made signs. the party lasted about 15 minutes and then we had our usual family Zoom meeting.

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

I finally got off the couch this morning and went for a walk. I had stopped about a month ago, because my back was bothering me. So now I have to get back into the habit.

Photo by tata toto on Unsplash

After my walk I worked on sewing a curtain for my bedroom closet. Now, I just have to sew the hem. The curtain is hanging up right now, and I have the hem pinned. I will try to finish tomorrow, along with making my daughter, Mary, some masks. I have found that the sewing room is too hot in the afternoon, so am trying to sew in the morning.

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

I found out that Mary wanted some masks when she came by with pulled pork she had smoked, a jar of gazpacho that she made, and some tomatoes and cucumbers from her garden.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

After lunch I headed to the studio and worked on my Friday Freebie webinar for my Mixed Media Maniac friends. I decided to show them how to make textured earrings. So today I cut out a few copies of the shape I want use, and cleaned, filed and textured one of the sets for the sample. The others will be working samples when I do my demo.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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