Grocery Shopping

Day 54 of Sheltering-in-Place here in Panama City Beach, FL. This morning’s statistics for COVID-19 for Bay County are 76 confirmed cases and 3 deaths and for Florida are 37,439 cases and 1471 deaths. I am continuing to self isolate myself until? That is the question, how much longer will I keep this up. In my mind, I always thought this will last at least through May and maybe longer. So for now I am going to reassess things at the end of the month. But I will start venturing out to grocery shop and do other essential errands.

Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

Today was the first day in two months that I have gone grocery shopping. I have been having my groceries delivered, but that adds about $20 to my shopping expenses each time. I decided I was ready for this first step. Publix is my go to grocery store and is near by so there I went. I grabbed my mask and headed into the store. I was pleased to see that all the employees had on mask and about 80 percent of the shoppers. Maintaining social distancing took some effort, especially in the produce section. Next week is my stock up week. So my main goal this week was to get some fresh produce and some potatoes. And of course cat food for Moonie. I treated myself to some already cooked chicken wings in the Deli section and some cashew butter to go on the apples I bought. I do buy mostly organic but will buy non organic when the skin is thick like bananas.

Photo by Karl Anderson on Unsplash

Before I went grocery shopping I worked in the yard again, this time tackling the jungle area, as I call it. This part of the yard has been neglected, and filled with vines, bamboo and overgrown weeds. The storage shed use to block my view of it, but now that I have converted the big shed into a studio and the studio door faces this jungle, I decided I wanted to beautify it. I pulled weeds, ran the weed eater in some areas, and attacked the bamboo and some limbs on trees with the chainsaw. It will probably take a few more attempts to totally clean it up. My east side yard with the brick patio is in desperate need of attention so it will be the next area I work on. I have a huge pile of yard debris to deal with now. I already filled up all my garbage cans and garbage pickup isn’t until Thursday. I may have to break down and buy some black garbage bags, but I really try to avoid one use plastic.

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

I didn’t work in the studio today, but I did work on a bead embroidered button. I finished the top today and think I want to make a purse that I can put it on. So now it sits until I can make the purse. I have a Chester drawers full of unfinished fiber projects. In fact in the art room there is a dedicated drawer of unfinished projects and in the studio there is a shelf full of jewelry to finish. I like to call them UFOs (Un-finished objects). I digressed but I did pull out a project, so I will have something to work on. For the last two months my focus has been on finishing the studio and moving in, then turning the old studio into a sewing room. So now that the majority of the work is done, I can start to get back to making things.

Button Bead Embroidery by Mary K

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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