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Day 48 of Sheltering-in-Place here in Panama City, FL. Today’ statistics for COVID-19 for Bay County are 70 cases and unfortunately 1 more death for a total of 3, and for Florida, 33,193 cases and 1218 deaths. The virus has killed more Americans than died in the Vietnam War, which is a very sad milestone.

crackle enamel by Mary K

I made it back to the studio today to work on my shamans. I drew a few faces in my jewelry journal, then I drew on two of the circles with a pencil. After putting on a light coating of flux, I fired them with my torch. Then I painted faces on them with Sunshine Enamels. I fired and painted for a total of three times, but I am not one hundred percent happy with them yet. Now they are sitting over night to marinate and I will see what needs to be done in the am. With the remaining circle I layered on clear crackle and three other enamels: sapphire, winter blue and lichen green and fired the piece. I am quite happy with how it came out, but maybe not for using on my shaman. So I cleaned up two more circles that I had already domed and started the process to get the crackle effect on them. Tomorrow I will put on the last coat.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

I still have little piles to deal with in every room. I am slowly dealing with them. But I much rather be working in the studio. I did discover that I need to get better organized before I head out to the studio. It took me three trips back to the house to get everything I need. But I am not complaining.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Tomorrow is garbage day so I need to get the bins out to the curb. I have one container that is full of the magnolia branch I cut down, and I had visions of filling up another one, but it rained this afternoon, and since my chain saw is electric, I think I will wait for a dry day.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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