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Day 41 of Sheltering-in-Place here in Panama City Beach, FL. This morning’s statistics for COVID-19 in Bay County are 59 confirmed cases and 2 deaths, and for Florida are 28,309 and 893 deaths. So far there are 19 reported cases in Wisconsin linked to voting in the primary earlier in the month. Shame on those that let this happen as there were alternatives. I am curious what the statistics will be in a couple of weeks in the locations where people have been protesting, many without masks.

Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash

Today’s major task was moving furniture. But before I could do anything I had to make room for the sewing cabinet that has been in my kitchen temporarily for a few months. Once I cleared space in the room, I then had to get the hall way cleared as it has been the temporary storage place of my craft paper supplies. Once this was completed, moving the cabinet was relatively simple, as I put it on a rug and scooted it into place. Then I moved the TV from the beading table to the cabinet.

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

The beading table is really a computer table that I used when I sold real estate. I now wanted to move it to the shed to replace the yucky computer table I was using for a bead table there. I scooted it over to the sliding glass door, and it would not fit through the door, because of the pet door extension. So then I thought I would take it out through the front door and scooted it over to the door to the room and it would not fit through that door. Yikes. Time for a break.

I moved the table from the storage shed to that room after I took it over after my husband died. Now I wondered how I did it. Next I research how pet doors were installed and proceeded to remove the pet door. Once this was done l easily moved the computer table to the shed and made the exchange. Then I tried to put the pet door extension back in place to no avail. Luckily Moonie is mainly an indoor cat. Tomorrow I will try again.

I am amazed by how much stuff I had in that bedroom that use to be my studio and soon to be sewing room. I have pretty much filled up my 12X24 foot shed.

Photo by Leora Dowling on Unsplash

I still have to clean off my bed of all the stuff I put there when I was clearing the hall. I can’t put it back in the hall, as tomorrow I am moving the dresser to the soon to be sewing room, I want to chalk paint the dresser but will do that after I move it.

Photo by Diego Lozano on Unsplash

For lunch I made something I thought about last night. I usually eat pretty healthy, but this wasn’t. I have been eating beef tacos for a few days. There was enough taco meat left to make another meal, but the thought of it didn’t really sit well with me. So instead I fried up some chorizo and diced onions, then added the taco meat and a little water. Once the water had cooked down, I added cream cheese. While the meat was cooking I fried up some tortilla triangles in bacon grease. I used the tortillas to scoop up the meat dish. Yummy.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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