Another Try

Day 35 of Sheltering in Place here in Panama City Beach FL. This morning’s statistics for COVID-19 in Bay County is 39 confirmed cases and 2 deaths and for Florida 22,897 cases and 633 deaths. Another sad day. I do not see an end to this anytime soon.

Photo by Werner Du plessis on Unsplash

Yesterday I spent an hour writing my post for this blog, and when I went to publish it, the autosave feature was in a loop. Instead of cutting and pasting to a new draft, I tried to refresh and lost the post except for the first paragraph and then my internet connection went down, so I just walked away and didn’t publish. It was that kind of day.

Photo by Simon Haldimann on Unsplash

Today started windy and cold, at least cold for here, probably the high 50s or low 60s. Waking up with a slight migraine, I passed on my walk. It was another Zoom dress up day as my friends, Nancy and Theresa, now have a regular scheduled date. I have never been a telephone person, I like to see who I am talking to, so I enjoy Zoom.

I received my Butcher Box today. Everything arrived frozen, packed in dry ice. So I was able to toss everything in the freezer, but left out the bacon and one package of chicken breasts.

Photo by Simon Haldimann on Unsplash

I wasn’t super productive today. I mopped the kitchen floor and washed the sheets to my bed but I I still have to put them back on the bed. I took a few things to the shed and worked on the old studio, which will become the sewing/guest bedroom. But I am not going to move the bed in yet; I will wait till I have the ceiling and the sliding glass door and window replaced, which were damaged by Hurricane Michael. Just waiting for the insurance money.

Stay Safe, Stay Health, Wear a Mask.

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

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