A Month In

Day 30 of Sheltering in Place here in Panama City Beach, FL. This morning’s statistics for the virus here in Bay County, FL are 36 cases and one death, and in Florida 18,494 cases and 438 deaths. As of today, every county in the state has reported confirmed cases. Because our governor waited so long to order the state to stay at home, I think we have at least another week of escalating cases. I hope I am wrong.

So far I am doing okay with the isolation. I think it would be nice to have some one in which to share this isolation, but I also think there would be other issues in sharing the same space 24/7, as my house is small and I need my alone time. Of course 30 days is way too long of alone time. I see no end for at least another month or maybe longer, even though the President is talking about it. And I don’t think things will ever be normal again

Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

One thing that has helped me is working on the shed. If I am not working on it I am thinking about what needs to be done next and how to accomplish it. Today I had a few challenges. Originally I had planned to have help in moving all my furniture and supplies into the shed, or anyway that is how I envisioned it. But because of the virus, the task has fallen on me, and me alone.

Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash

One of my challenges was moving another piece of marble. When I was growing up my Dad would always tell me, “Use your brain and not your brawn.” I kept thinking that as I was able to scoot the marble to the sliding glass door and put it on the dolly and get it into the shed. But have not figured out how to get it onto the piece of furniture. So that is tomorrow’s task.

Another challenge was getting the TV down from the top of the bookcase onto another piece of furniture so I could move the bookcase into the shed. But first I had to empty the top of the furniture which included the kiln. Luckily I could carry the kiln to the shed, as I did not want to risk putting it on the dolly. Anyway to get to the TV, I had to use my step ladder. As I was getting the TV down, it rolled and bumped me on the head. Luckily I didn’t lose my balance and was able to hold on and step down one rung on the ladder and propped the TV on the next shelf, and down one more rung and I was able to slide it onto the furniture. It is not its final resting place, but it will be there for awhile as I need to paint the chester drawers it will eventually sit on.

Photo by Wang John on Unsplash

The last challenge was getting the book case to the shed. Well it really isn’t a bookcase, its a fixture that my husband had built for my merchandise to go on in Walmart. After a remodel a few years ago it had to be removed and then I began using it as a bookcase and now it holds supplies. I’ts 36″ wide and maybe 60″ tall. Its not super heavy just awkward. So I wedged a throw rug under it to get it to the door, used a dolly to get it to the shed and then a rug to scoot it into place. After I got the bookcase in place, I just left the shed and shut the door. I will deal with the mess tomorrow. Oh and the old studio in the house looks like a bomb went off. It too shall be for another day.

I cannot begin to tell you how many trips I have made to the shed but I have beaten a little path. Right now I have three stepping stones when I exit the sliding glass door, now I need a lot more. Add another project to my list.

Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

Be Safe, Be Healthy.

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