Slow Progress

Day 29 of Isolation during Sheltering in Place. This morning’s statistics for the virus in Bay County, Florida are 36 confirmed cases and one death and for Florida are 17,531 cases with 390 deaths. In Florida there is another crisis. The systems is overloaded in applicants for unemployment benefits. The online site keeps crashes and so in many parts of of the state people have to stand in line to get a paper form, putting themselves at risk. So the process to get some monetary relief is bogged down in an antiquated system.

A storm came through in the early hours this morning and as a result I woke up around 2 am and never got back to sleep. I worked on the shed and the cart a little bit this morning and moved a super ugly four drawer file cabinet to the storage shed. Of course I had to move a bunch of stuff to make room for it. But after lunch I decided that I just needed to rest.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Yesterday though was super productive. I basically got the beading area set up. I will take some photos tomorrow and post them.

That is all from me today. Be Safe, Be Healthy

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