The Best Laid Plans…

Day 27 of Sheltering on Place her in Panama City Beach, FL. This morning’s statistics of confirmed cases in Bay County are 28 and 1 death and in Florida 15, 456 cases and 309 deaths. The numbers keep going up. One of my favorite songwriter and musician, John Prine, has died from the virus. We are losing so many people to an untimely death, many of them preventable if our government had acted sooner. So each day is a sad day. In addition our Representative to Congress has been tested for the virus. Though I disagree with him politically, I do wish him the best.

The shed has taken over my life. Today I began setting up the beading area. In my mind I was going to make a beading table out of two file cabinets that my friend Theresa had given me and a big slab of marble. But as the saying goes: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” The marble slab was a little bit heavier than I remembered, so I was trying to find a way to lift it up onto the file cabinets, when it fell and split into a few pieces.

So I had to scratch that idea. So I dug out an old computer table from my storage shed and now I have to figure how to make lemonade out of lemons.

I couldn’t even tell you how many trips I made from my home studio to the shed. But I found this cart that my friend Theresa gave me came in very handy.

Being new to chalk paint I didn’t notice when I ordered the wax that it was a dark wax, not a clear wax. So my white chest that I have been painting now has an antique look to it. Which in reality is good, as white is not the best color to have for a workshop. But I have to tell you, putting on the wax coat was a chore, first you apply it in a circular motion in a small area, then wipe it with a rag. I was exhausted after that, and came in to watch the 3 pm news. I ordered the jigsaw blades this morning, but it may be a few weeks until they arrive. So the shelves for this chest may have to wait. When I get a chance I will practice with the blade that was in the jigsaw.

I still have to put back everything that I took out of the storage shed back in. I sure hope the humidity has gone down but I just looked and it stands at 88%.

Stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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