A Productive Day

Day 26 of Sheltering in Place here in Panama City Beach. This morning’s statistics regarding COVID-19 are 24 cases in Bay County with 1 death and 13,324 cases in Florida with 236 deaths. The manner in which this has been handled at a national level saddens me. Unbelievable that states and hospitals have to bid against each other for supplies.

Oh, and all the conspiracy theories running amok on social media is also unbelievable. And to think people actually believe some of them is a testament to a lack of critical thinking that exists. For my part I listen to the scientists, I get my news from multiple sources and I do the research.

Yesterday my two daughters, my granddaughter and I chatted through Zoom. My granddaughter, Hunter, is a senior in high school in the Denver area. She is being stoical, but I think it must be very disappointing not to be able to participate in all the fun Senior events. This graduating class will be known for that. I had planned to drive out there in May for graduation, now I’ll just play it by ear. She has bought her cap and gown so we may have a virtual graduation.

Photo by Logan Isbell on Unsplash

Today was an especially productive day. I walked, I worked in the yard and I painted one piece of furniture. I felt empowered when I used my new Chain saw. It weighs only 5 pounds, so it is something I can manage. Today I was able to remove some of the small trees trying to grow up next to the shed.

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

My one disappointment today was that it appears that the bargain kitchen cart I bought that came with no instructions is missing a few pieces, such as fronts to 3 drawers and the back of another. I bought it from Zulily back in October. Needless to say their customer service has been no help. I don’t have any woodworking skills, but I do have a jigsaw and I will craft something. It may not look pretty but it is for my workshop and I just want it functional. The jigsaw was my husband’s and I never used it. I had planned to cut some shelves with it so that will be good practice. Going places I’ve never been.

Stay home stay safe

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