What Day Is It?

Day 23 of Sheltering in Place here in Panama City Beach, FL. As of this morning Bay County now has 19 confirmed cases and Florida has 9,585 cases and 163 deaths. I have no words for the lack of PPE supplies around the country and for the shortage of tests.

When I woke up this morning I thought it was Saturday. On the weekends I try not to listen to the news and change up my routine some. So by the time I figured out it was Friday, my whole routine was thrown off kilter, so I just went with it. I think this kind of confusion will happen more often during this period of staying at home. The days are just running together.

Photo by Melanie Dretvic on Unsplash

I pretty much have opted for everything to be delivered, from groceries to paint. I really like doing my own grocery shopping, I am picky about my produce and my meats, as I eat mostly organic and humanely raised meat and poultry. But so far the delivery people for Instacart are doing a good job. Right now meat selection at Publix seems to be pretty limited. So I am excited that my Butcher Box subscription starts soon.

Everything I need to finish the floor of my shed, to paint the closet and to chalk paint the furniture has arrived. So I will be busy with those project in the next few days.

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

The kitchen cart that I am assembling is slowly coming together. If you remember it came with no directions so it has been a challenge.First I could not figure out how to use the furniture connecting cam lock fittings. Well really I didn’t even know what to call them so I took a picture and posted it to Facebook. Once I knew what they were I found a you-tube video and was able to do it correctly. But before I did all this I broke one just playing around trying to figure it out. I found some on Walmart.com and they will be here next week. But I went ahead with the project. I think I have figured out what to do next hopefully I am right. In ordinary times I would ask my friends to come help me.

My daughter, Mary, gifted me 2 tomato plants a few weeks ago that she grew from seeds. When I went to water them yesterday I notice something was eating them. Did I mention I have a black thumb and gardening is a challenge. Anyway I texted my daughter. This morning she came over and identified what was eating them and treated it with an eco friendly product. Some kind of moth worm or something. Hope it works.

Stay healthy and safe.

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