It’s About Time

Day 22 of my self imposed Shelter in Place, but it is soon to be a state mandate. Finally the governor issued the order to take effect at midnight tonight. I think it is at least two weeks too late, but at least maybe some of those not taking it seriously will be forced to stay home. My figures are always a day late, as they are not updated till later in the morning. Bay County now as 13 confirmed cases and Florida has 7773 cases and 101 deaths. I think it is really criminal that testing is so limited. I think of all the people that are asymptomatic running around spreading the virus and not knowing it. I could rant about this for hours, but I won’t.

There is a creature that I share my home with and that is Moonsong, the cat, or more affectionately named Moonie Pie. She entered my life a little over 8 and a half years ago, a month or so before my husband died. We lost her companion, Mikey early last month. He died of old age, he was about 21.

While I have always had at least one cat since my girls brought home Midnight in the mid 1980’s, Moonie is the first lap kitty I have ever shared my home with. She brings me solace and joy on a daily basis. And with my being home everyday now, she has become even more spoiled than she was. She comes and flopped herself in my lap and demands attention. I stop what I am doing and give it to her.

Moonie is the black cat and Mikey is sleeping above her

I have to admit I spend a little too much time on social media these days. Both my girls and most of my friends are on Facebook, so I am checking in more often. And on both Facebook and Twitter I am getting first hand accounts of those on the front lines of this virus and of those who think they have the virus and are not being tested.

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

I have been a student of History since the eight grade, when Mr. Lawrence at St. James Day School in Texarkana, Texas brought history alive for me. I majored in it at UC Santa Barbara and CSU Northridge. And as the family historian I continue tying my ancestors to historical events, which continues to make history real for me. Between the impeachment and this virus, I feel we are living in a moment in time that will be more than a blurb in the annuls of history, so I have been paying particular attention to what is happening. Some of it saddens me and some of me gladdens me. Time will be the judge.

Enough for today, stay safe and healthy.

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