Trying to Stick to a Routine

I am three weeks in on my self inflicted Shelter in Place. Bay County has an official tally of 8 cases, and the state has 6741 with 85 deaths. I think we are #5 in the nation with the number of cases. I am still waiting for Gov. De Santis to enact a state wide order to Shelter in Place. There are still people who are not taking this seriously. Even the President is saying the next few weeks are going to be bad.

I have decided to order groceries and have then delivered again. On TV yesterday, a health expert was asked whether we should be wearing masks and her response was stay at home, no matter what. That sealed my decision.

Photo by MealPro on Unsplash

Prior to this pandemic, my life had a routine of sorts. I had my teaching events, my clubs and social groups to attend, there were shopping days and there were stay at home days in which I spent my time being creative and doing home maintenance. Now I am trying to develop a new routine, as every day is a stay at home day. The early morning is filled with reading and listening to the news and catching up on social media. Plus I play Words with Friends and have become addicted to jigsaw puzzles that I play on my IPad. Then I walk and come home and fix breakfast. Next I get on my computer and write this blog and any emails that I need to send. Then I do some physical activity such as working on the shed or the screened-in porch or yard work. After I fix lunch and maybe turn on the news or You-Tube and watch it for awhile, I work on quieter activities such as researching genealogy, packing up my supplies to take to the shed, or working on a creative project. I do sit down at 3pm to listen to my favorite newscaster, Nicole Wallace, and work on a hand project or play my games, and then back to work for an hour or two. Then dinner needs to be fixed. I spend the evenings reading or watched some of my TV shows.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Of course this is how I envision my routine, the actuality is sometimes very different. Like yesterday, where I hadn’t got much sleep, I was a couch potato all day, or like today when my body said I needed one more day of not walking. Or I play Words with Friends and Jigsaw Puzzles instead of sticking to my routine. But I do think it is important to establish a routine for my mental well being.

And one last thought: It saddens me when I hear stories of those losing loved one because of the virus. Over and over again I hear them say how they could not be with and could not say good bye to their loved ones when they die in isolation at the hospital. I understand and have such empathy, as even though the circumstances are different, I could not say good bye to my husband when he died eight and a half years ago. I still carry that with me. Wishing this to be over with and knowing we will get through it.

Please stay safe and stay at home.

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