Life in the Time of a Pandemic

Day 19 of my Sheltering-in-Place.

The President, luckily for our country, has listened to the scientists and has extended the Social Distancing order until April 30. I am willing to bet that this will eventually be extended to the end of May. Meanwhile in Florida things are beginning to escalate. In Bay County there are 6 confirmed cases and who know how many more cases where the victims do not qualify for testing. In Florida there are 4768 cases and 60 deaths. Currently there is a Shelter in Place debate in Florida. I personally think that the fastest way we will get through this is to stay at home. But all I can do beside urging everyone I know to do this is to stay home and watch it unfold. The images coming out of New York City are very disturbing. And my wish is that this does not come to my community.

Last night I contemplated on how small my world has become. Physically it has become limited by my walks in the morning, which is about 2.25 miles. I have been building back up my stamina from my bout with sciatica back in November. Then I could barely walk and needed a cane. When I finally was able to get to the doctor, I was put on steroids and started physical therapy. I am hoping to increase my distance, but am listening to my body.

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Thanks to technology and social media, we are able to stay in touch. Yesterday my friends, Nancy and Theresa, and I chatted through Zoom. I was fun to see and talk to these two ladies. And on Saturday I am going to use Zoom to have a practice meeting with the Board members of Bay County Genealogical Society to see if this is a viable way for us to meet virtually.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

I am staying in touch with my sister, daughters and granddaughter through texting and phone calls, and with my friends through Facebook and Twitter.

But needless to say I miss the outside world. How about you?

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