Another Day

Day 18 of my Shelter-in Place. Unfortunately Gov. De Santis has still not put in effect a state wide Shelter-in-Place order. Though yesterday the state sent everyone a text alert urging everyone 65 and older or have medical conditions to stay inside. But from what I can tell, any age group can get this virus, so how it this going to help flatten the curve. I guess it is just to protect us older people and the health compromised and not to prevent the spread.

The Bay County Health Department has stated that there have been 5 cases of the virus but when you go to the state site it says 4. And looking at their chart, it only goes back to March 25, for Bay County. We had one before that date. So I am trusting these state numbers less and less. According to this site, the state is at 4,039 cases and 56 deaths. Plus it is a given fact that not everyone is being tested.

The sunrise this morning over the lagoon

Today is another day full of possibilities. I did take my walk earlier and saw an amazing sunrise. Luckily I only saw people near the end of my walk and they kept their distance. A friendly boxer dog attached himself to me, so I did end my walk a little early. I hope he finds his way home.

Yesterday, I mopped the part of the floor that still needs to be painted. Today I’m taping the base boards and putting on the first coat of paint. In addition I am still trying to reorganize my house. In between task I watched an old Goldie Hawn movie called Criss Cross on Amazon. Though not a comedy, it was another feel good movie. I watch a little bit of movie, work a little while, etc.

A few of my tasks are being delayed, because the paint I ordered on March 23, has still not shipped. When I ordered it I was stated that it would be delivered on March 25. I will call tomorrow if I don’t get a notification that it has shipped. One of the cans of paint was for the living room coat closet and the other was chalk paint I was going to use on some furniture. So I am a little frustrated.

I am also working slowly on the screened in porch. I stored a lot of junk there when I emptied out the shed. I was going to have a garage sale and then this virus hit. I really have no room for the junk, so it has to go. One reason is that I need to replace some rotten work on the porch before I can get a new roof put on the house. Of course now I am not crazy about workmen working on the house when the virus is just getting started in my town. I also have garage sale item in my bedroom, and have been thinking of selling them on eBay. I wonder if people are buying?

Photo by Tania Melnyczuk on Unsplash

Since it has been so warm, the yard is in desperate need and never seems to get to the top of the to do list. Hopefully once I get the shed painted and sealed it will move up the list.

Photo by Lori Grimshaw on Unsplash

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