I think I’m on Day 17 on my self-inflicted Shelter in Place, I’m starting to lose track of time. I didn’t post yesterday as I want to keep this site apolitical as possible and just want to report facts, plus my observations during these troubled times. And if I had posted yesterday it would have been a rant.

In Bay County we now have 4 confirmed cases of COV-19, plus I read that a company has tested 90 people here, but the results will take up to a week. Unfortunately our governor has not issue a Shelter in Place order in our state. Thus, I am assuming everyone has the virus, much as I assume that everyone is a drunk driver, especially in this Thomas Drive area.

Having woke up later than usual, my walk was later than usual, so there were a lot more people walking. At one point there were three dog walkers congregating in the street not keeping their 6 feet of distance. I had to walk on someone’s yard to keep my 6 feet of distance to get around them. In addition, I kept having to cross the street to avoid getting close to other walkers, in one case I almost got hit by a bicyclist as I didn’t hear him coming. Lessened learned, walk earlier.

I did experience some boredom yesterday, maybe because my sinuses were a mess because of the pollen and I woke up at 4 am, leaving me feeling tired all day. The highlight of my day was when my daughter, Mary, delivered some avocados and dish soap. She set them on the chair outside by the front door. I brought the avocados in later, but didn’t touch with my hands, the dish soap is still outside, as it is in a plastic container. Will wait another couple of days till I bring it in. We chatted keeping our 6 feet of distance. It was nice to talk in person to someone.

On Thursday I had moved everything but one heavy piece of wood in the shed. Mary moved it for me yesterday. So now I have no excuses to paint and seal the last 25% of the flooring. So I better get busy.

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