Movie Day

Day 15 of Shelter-in Place for me. Our state, unfortunately has not ordered it yet, but I think it is the safest way to handle this worldwide health crisis. And I will be staying home for as long as it takes.

This morning’s walk featured the sun and clouds, and a neighbor’s sense of humor:

Sun on the Lagoon
Sun Emerging from the Clouds

Yesterday was my day of rest, I literally was a couch potato. I did watch a cute movie, Dumplin’. It was a feel good movie, which I am finding is the kind of movies I am drawn to in these uncertain times. Plus it featured Jennifer Anniston. I always enjoy the characters she portrays. I am also watching Star Trek: Picard and Little Fires Everywhere. Picard because I am a real Trekkie. I could not even count how many times I have watched all the episodes of the original Star Trek TV series. There is an offer out there for a month free of CBS access, so I joined just to watch this show and will cancel once I am done. I am watching Little Fires because I read the book, plus I have found that anything Reese Witherspoon puts her hand on is a quality project. Of course this is only available on Hulu, which I have. I just finish The Morning Show on Apple TV, which I enjoyed. It is another production featuring Reese Witherspoon and in this case Jennifer Anniston. Apple TV is one of the benefits of my recent upgrade of my iPhone which I wouldn’t have subscribed to because I am in my opinion maxed out on my TV subscriptions.

Today is back to working on the shed and getting my house put back together. Updates tomorrow

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