Two Weeks In

Today is Day 14 of my self imposed Shelter in Place. Bay County has two more people afflicted with the virus, for a total of three. I keep reading horrific stories from doctors in New York and New Orleans on the front lines of this virus, and it is not pretty. I am hoping we are spared the worst, but not counting on it.

One thing I keep reading about is boredom, that people are bored. So far after two weeks I have not experienced that. There is so much to do around the house; I have book shelves full of books, plus a kindle with who knows how books available to me; tons of materials to create jewelry, collages, art, etc; plus all the streaming I could ever want available at my fingertips. So boredom is not in my vocabulary.

Now loneliness is another thing. I do like my share of me time, always have and always will. But I also like getting out and visiting and creating with my friends and family. But luckily there is Facebook, Twitter, and yesterday, my friend Nancy introduced me to Zoom. So while texting, tweeting and posting are great in this time of Social Distancing, interacting would be nice.

Yesterday I didn’t walk, but today I did and am enjoying seeing all the flowers that are in bloom, and took a few pictures.

Dew in Morning
I wonder if this is the same turtle I saw a few days ago. He saw me and turned and went back the way he came from.
Spring time is here

Today I think may be a movie day, as my sinuses wanted to explode this morning. The pollen has really been getting to me. I took a Clariten but it is just leaving me dull headed. Yesterday I organized all my craft papers and I have a collection of vintage papers, so that probably didn’t help my sinuses and may explain why I am so miserable today.

On an up note I am loving this weather.

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