Day 13 of my self imposed Shelter in Place. Yesterday I ordered home delivery of my groceries from Publix. It costs more as there is a delivery fee and of course a tip, but in my opinion it was worth it. It addition I signed up for Butcher Box, a meat delivery service, but because of demand it doesn’t start until April 13.

There is talk of starting up the economy is a week and I hope this does not happen. I feel the virus in the USA has not peaked, plus there is such a lack of testing that there is no way to determine who can work and who cannot. Scary times. Of course I say this will a little bit of privilege, as my Social Security check covers my everyday expenses, almost. Since I cannot teach right now, it is a little bit of a strain, but nothing like so many who will have no income for an indeterminable time.

My daughter, Mary, gave me a little bit of a scare, in that she complained of a sore throat yesterday and went to bed last night around 7 with a headache. All of these symptoms are indicators of the virus. So this morning I was a little concerned, but she texted me around 7 am to let me know she felt better. She thinks it was allergies.

I am still dealing with the mess I have created that I have written about in the last few posts. Yesterday I worked on the “coat closet” in the living room, where I have been storing all my paper crafting supplies. I emptied almost everything out of it and ordered some paint from Home Depot, which should be here tomorrow. I want to turn it back into a coat closet, which it never has been in the 30 years I have lived in this house. I don’t know if I have mentioned this but my house is small and the closets are tiny. Trying to store my large collection of blazers that I can only wear a few months out of the year is a challenge. So I thought the coat closet would be the perfect solution. But first I need to paint it. Who know when the last time it was painted, definitely not in my time here. In the meantime, I have paper everywhere.

Paper Everywhere

Photo by Lucas Swennen on Unsplash

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