Working Through the Mess

Well, it is Day 12 of Social Distancing which in my case has become Shelter in Place. While I do a morning walk in the neighborhood, I’ve decided that it is best that I really don’t venture into public places. There are just too many people out there that are not taking this seriously, such as the Spring Breakers. So today I ordered groceries to be delivered, because food is the only reason for me to go out. I am pretty picky about my produce, but have decided that I will eat whatever is delivered.

Back on the Homefront, I decided that it really doesn’t matter about the mess I have created. I can work on it during he day and leave it till tomorrow and the day after that until it is no longer a mess, as I do not have to get the house in order for the comfort of any company I may have. Of course Moonie, my cat, may take umbrage at that. One of her favorite napping spots is covered with stuff.

I am getting anxious about not creating, but feel I need to get my creative areas in order. The ideas in my head are like little heads bouncing around and wanting attention. Eventually I may have to stop what I am doing and listen.

And each idea is saying pick me, pick me

Photo by Random Institute on Unsplash

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