My Shed

This is day 11 of my social distancing. I did get out of the house today, took a walk and worked in the shed. Then I drove to the post office to mail a letter. I kept forgetting to put the letter in the box and so I figured I better take it personally to the drive through box at the Panama City Beach Post Office. First time my car had really been driven, except for moving it to the curb to weed eat the yard, in this time of social distancing.

Rick’s shed’s transformation into MK’s Workshop is still moving at a snail’s pace. But I do see the end in sight. Today I put the second coat of polyurethane down on 75% of the floor. I think I have to wait 72 hours until I can move furniture. Then I can paint the remainder of the floor and then wait about a week before I can put polyurethane on top of it. But I will have access to the 75% that is done and maybe can start arranging things as I like.

So seeing that the end is in sight, I began moving things around in the house. The room that I was using as a studio will become the sewing, guest room, and the small bedroom will remain the office and genealogy room, but will also become the art room, and will luckily lose the guest bed. So I have begun moving all the sewing things to the future sewing room and all the art supplies to the little bedroom. But yikes, I probably should have waited to move the jewelry making, enameling supplies to the shed first. Because all I have now is a big mess.

My brain trying to unravel the mess

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