Social Distancing During a Time of Pandemic

I survived the first week of social distancing. The last time I was out in public, besides my daily walks, was Wednesday, March 11, when I attended my book club, did my grocery shopping and other errands. As an introvert I do like to spend a lot of time by myself. But I know this will get old, as human contact I do believe is essential to everyone’s well being. Luckily I do have a support systems, my kids and my friends, who I keep in touch with by text and phone.

Plus I do have a lot of projects to keep me busy: a kitchen cart that came with no instructions to put together; polyurethane to put down on my shed floor; tons of yard work; tons of unfinished jewelry and fiber projects, and tons of new idea circulating in my head. Sound like I like the word tons, but it fits how I feel. There is tons to do.

But one idea running around in my head is that I think it may be time for me to start putting together some online workshops. This will be a real learning curve for me. My granddaughter and daughter suggested I start out my developing a youtube channel with some freebies. So I guess it is time to do some research.

For your safety, I hope you are practicing social distancing.

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