Spring 2020 Education Encore

Friday was the fist day of classes for the spring session of Education Encore. I always like to get a group shot of the students and here they are:

Enameling Spring 2020

I am so honored that all but two are returning students who have taken my classes in the past. As an instructor, I have watched them grow as they master their skills.

Here are some links for enamel suppliers that I use:

  • ILoveEnamels.comand alternate Etsy link    Enamel frits, mixes and blends.Torch fire and kiln fire enameling tools, metal blanks.
  • Rio Grande Enamel supply catalogue, kilns, as well as complete line of supplies for metal-working tools.
  • Thompson Enamel, Inc. Major supplier of enamels. The website has links to all major distributors of Thompson Enamel.
  • E-Enamel Carries vintage and other hard to find enamels

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