When my husband died almost eight years ago, he left me a 424 sf shed crammed packed with junk. And when I say junk, I mean junk. It has taken me all this time to clean it out. Hurricane Michael was the impetus to finish the task. Some trees had left a couple of holes in the roof. So I figured if I have to have it worked on, I might as well get it wired and have the interior finished. It took me over two months to get it contractor ready, so he could access all the walls. Decisions had to be made of what junk to keep and what junk to throw away. Of course I saw the value in almost everything and will probably toss a lot more once I begin furnishing the shed. But progress was made.

Phase 1 is almost done. I have electricity and he is working on the roof. I’ve ordered an ac/heat unit to be put in the wall. Phase 2 will be finishing the interior. I’m starting to get excited. I will have to make do with what I have to make work stations but it will be functional in a few months.

I hope to be able to conduct small classes in Metalsmithing and Enameling once everything is completed. I can’t wait.

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