Enameling Class

Time just flies it seems. Monday was week 3 of a 5 week GCSC Corporate College’s Class on Introduction to Torch Fired Enameling.

As an instructor in the art of making jewelry, I am amazed at a few things. One thing that occurs over and over, but especially when I teach metalsmithing and enameling, is that a student will arrive the first day with no tools. By the last day they have a cart full of tools and paraphernalia. They have become hooked on the medium.

Another thing I am so amazed how is how independent the students work once given a little direction. Of course every once in a while there is that exceptionally needy student, but that is rare. This is especially true when I teach enameling. Once I give them the basics, I encourage them to experiment. And they do. I guess this is why I like to teach a technique oriented class as opposed to a project oriented class. I want the students to make something meaningful to them, as opposed what is meaningful to me.

Monday we used the sgafitto technique in adding surface design to an enameled piece.

Nancy and Sara checking out how a piece is turning out
Linda and Kim having fun while creating
Bobbie at work

Jenny enjoying her torch work
Carol at work
Graciela Torching away

Next week we will be using inclusions to add texture and interest to our pieces.

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