Stenciling on Enamel Jewelry

When working with enamels, one of my favorite surface design technique is stenciling. While I like using my simple drawings to express myself in my jewelry making, I also like the consistency that stencils bring to my works.

I tend to use professional stencils and am always looking for them when I shop craft stores. But sometimes they can be expensive and sometimes I just can’t find an image to portray what I am trying to say. So the alternative is to make my own.

On a recent project that I was making for a donation for a hurricane themed basket, I cut out a circle of paper to make a mask to block off an area where I wanted to write #850 Strong.

But there are other ways to make your own stencils and here are some links that I recommend you check out:

How to Make Your Own Stencil by Hand

Make Your Own Stencil

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