What Hammer Do I Use

Nancy Johnson has pointed out to me that many students are confused by which hammer to use with various tools in my enameling class. She suggested that I take pictures and so I did.

Disc Cutter with Brass Mallet. The reason for using a brass mallet is that it is softer than the disc punch, thus the end of the punch doesn’t get deformed.

Wooden Dapping Block with Raw Hide Mallet or Wooden Hammer. A weighted, dead blow mallet would also be good.Some use chasing hammer but with my tools shared by many, I prefer that students not use a steel hammer.

Steel Dapping Block with Steel Hammer, or brass hammer.  You could also use a chasing hammer that is reserved for striking tools. Using your good chasing hammer could mar its surface.

Steel Block with Chasing Hammer, Ball Peen Hammer and Raw Hide Mallet

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